The Maize labyrinth und unsere Kürbiserlebniswelt are open.
Bestaunt unsere Kürbispyramiden sowie -figuren und irrt durch das Labyrinth um die 6 versteckten Stationen zu finden.
Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch.

Bewirb' Dich bei uns für das Büro-Team als kaufmännische(r) Mitarbeiter(in)

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  • Strawberry, raspberry and pumpkin drinks
  • Erdbeer-, Himbeer- und Kürbis-Fruchtaufstrichen
  • Vinegar & Oil
  • Pumpkin cream soup & Pesto
  • and much more besides

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We guarantee natural fresh goods

Our family business is located in the middle of the Rhein Main Region in Hofheim-Wallau.
In early summer, everything revolves around strawberries and raspberries. The fruits delight with their exceptionally good taste, as our varieties always reach the customer fresh and ready for harvesting directly by the shortest route. In autumn we harvest an assortment of pumpkins and potatoes. The "emperor of the garden" is one of the fruits and vegetables that taste delicious and are healthy without being fattening.

Our cultivation method is environmentally friendly.

Some of our strawberries are grown under a special film. Under this foil the soil warms up faster and no weeds can grow between the plants.
We irrigate our strawberry fields with the so-called drip-tube irrigation. The strawberries are thus supplied with water underground. The water arrives directly at the roots and provides the plant with an optimal supply.

Since 2004 we have been producing environmentally friendly solar power with the help of the sun. We operate one of the largest photovoltaic systems in the region on our hall roofs.

We reduce the use of chemicals to an absolute minimum. Some of our strawberry fields are chopped by hand by our employees. This is time and cost intensive. But it is worth it. The customer gets a healthy, tasty product that he can enjoy without hesitation.

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