Salesman (m/f/d)

You love strawberries and summer?

Dann freuen wir uns auf Dich als Aushilfe in unseren markanten, rot-leuchtenden Erdbeerverkaufsständen. Wir freuen uns auf StudentInnen, Hausfrauen/Männer, SchülerInnen, Arbeitssuchende, RentnerInnen– jeder der bei Pauls Bauernhof „Erdbeerexperte“ werden möchte, ist bei uns herzlich willkommen. Wir freuen uns auf Deine Bewerbung für die Saison 2024!

That's your job with us:

You sell the delicious and unique strawberries and other products from Paul's farm at a stand near your home (if possible). You don't need a car, you can come directly to the stand by bike or even on foot. You are your own boss not only in the strawberry hut. With a digital work schedule you can flexibly change your working hours and location from week to week. In addition, you will receive a minute-by-minute work time statement via our sales app.

Through our sales training
with us at the farm you learn:

  •  Sales techniques
  •  Customer Management
  • Complaint Management
  •  Strawberry expert knowledge

If you have any further questions about the job, please feel free to email us at. reach

What we want from you

You have time and desire to sell our delicious berries between the end of April and the end of July?

You like to convince people to buy top quality products.

You are 16 years or older and can work regularly and reliably for at least 6 weeks in the season.

You are cordial and friendly to your customers.

Your employment:

Your employment may be subject to social security contributions or short-term.

SV-obligatory: for job seekers, students between school and training (company-based).

Short-term: for students, housewivesmen or pensioners, pupils, between school and training (scholastic), between school and study.

Flexible working hours: Early shifts start between 7 and 9 a.m., and late shifts between 1 and 2 p.m. The stands close between 6 and 7 pm. Most of our stalls are also open on Sundays.

We offer you

  • Best stands and great customers
  • Well organized working environment
  • A minute by minute working time recording
  • A digital and flexible duty roster to enter your shifts yourself
  • Personnel discount on our products
  • A deployment package with work clothes and our "strawberry bible
  • A job reference for your great job with us
  • Your tip is yours - If your tip jar is nice and full, you're doing a great job!
  • Subsequent further activity possible in our corn maze with pumpkin experience world
  • Familiar working atmosphere and promotion of team spirit & cohesion
  • Team events such as strawberry season kick-off, participation in the Wallau midsummer run, barbecue party at the end of the season

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